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Teacher Revenue Share

There is no fee to create and host a course on Wiserfy, and you can publish as many free, paid, and recurring revenue courses as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership, where teachers are rewarded for creating engaging and educational content and bringing students to the platform, and Wiserfy is rewarded for driving new students to our teachers.

Teacher Promoted – 90%

  • 90% Revenue Share (Standard Revenue Share 50% + Affiliate Link 40%) on Sales made by Teachers where the student purchases their course using a Teacher Affiliate Link (Coupon)

Standard Revenue Share – 50%

  • 50% Revenue Share on organic Wiserfy sales where no Teacher Affiliate Link is used. Wiserfy and the teacher share equally on these sales, which might occur after a user browses the Wiserfy marketplace for courses, or makes a purchase via a Wiserfy promotion

Affiliate Link – 40%

  • 40% Revenue Share on Sales made through any Affiliate Link (Coupon)





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